ACUARELA TOUR PERU was born from Carla Lizárraga and Omar Quintana’s passion about showcasing the beauties of Peru. Its mountains where the rocks intermingle, between beautiful landscapes of color that form a watercolor accompanied by its terraces, without forgetting its plants, its animals and local communities full of history and kindness towards visitors.

Peru has to be discovered, with its desert coast, a pre-Inca witness of the cultures whose magic is hidden under the aridity of a burning soil and where the different Nazca lines are still a mystery. These include the petroglyphs of Toro Muerto in the Arequipa desert or those of Pusharo in the Amazon jungle, a region rich in biodiversity with more than 1800 species of birds to satisfy the curiosity of ornithologists or amateurs.

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Carla, was born in the city of Arequipa and grew up in the countryside, loves nature and one of her passions is to take advantage of the properties of plants. She studied Tourism and Hotel Management and soon began to work as an English-speaking guide, where she acquired experience in Receptive Tourism and many travel agencies for several years, then traveled to Europe to work on the Costa Crocciere cruise. She then left for France where she learned the language and returned to Peru to show the world new destinations in her beloved country. Finally, she started a family and decided to work from home or as she says: “My office is wherever I am, whether on the beach or in the mountains at 4000 meters”. She is passionate about helping visitors have an unforgettable experience in Peru, both with good advice and a seamless tour organization. She also works as a guide and as a travel companion locally and nationally since 2006, always with a warm smile and flawless professionalism. 

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Omar: Born in Mollendo in the Arequipa region, he grew up near the sea, loves bird species and is a great fan of bird watching. He studied Tourism and Hotel Management in Arequipa and worked for several years trekking in one of the deepest canyons in the world, the Colca Canyon.

He acquired a lot of experience in Adventure Travels. Then he traveled abroad to improve his English and worked in the Caribbean, giving diving classes. He then returned to Peru, where his passion for adventure led him to discover new circuits through the highest mountains. This allows Omar and Carla to offer new, exciting destinations as well as conventional routes. He is an adventure guide and travel companion on a local and national level since 2002 with a great knowledge of the culture and a great love for Mother Earth and the mountains. 

We therefore invite you to discover our ancestral history.

This desire leads us to observe this planet earth with so much love and respect for its nature. Why not discover Peru and/or Bolivia with our personalized service, guaranteeing an unforgettable and extraordinary trip?

Come along for the ride! Come see for yourself this magic that still beats in this incredibly special corner of the world.

In addition to this, you could also do good by helping us plant tres. At Acuarela, we have reforestation projects, and for each client we receive, a typical tree of Peru will be planted: Queñua (Polylepis besserique) that grows in the highlands, helping the different species improve their habitat. Each Queñua we plant will bear the name of our clients, leaving behind a beautiful living memory of your visit to our country.