•  Duration:  Half-Day

8.00am or 1.45pm. Transfer from the hotel to the bay of Esteves Island, where the guide will brief you about the upcoming adventure. You’ll then set off on the kayak, which will involve around an hour and a half of paddling. En route you will get to see beautiful landscapes, a variety of birds, flora and fauna and an island of rock formations (Foroba Island, popularly called Devil’s Island), before arriving in Uros, where the guide teach you some key facts before giving you some free time to explore the island, visit the family home, and of course take some photos.
Return to Puno.

Includes: instructor guide, support staff, entrance ticket.
Transfer: hotel/ port/ hotel, support boat, adventure equipment, first aid kit, hotel.

NOTE: No previous experience is necessary for the kayaking part of the excursion.