To conquer the world on foot is to truly connect with the local lifestyle. Each trail between mountains and canyons leads us to an unforgettable adventure.

Time to head off the beaten track, to striking landmarks such as the Salkantay snow-capped mountain or the Humantay which boasts an impressive mirrors of turquoise water, the famous Inca Trail or the amazing Choquequirao; places where silence and calm offer the nature-loving visitor a wonderful experience. Feel the purity of the mountain air with every breath, and enjoy a much-deserved break from a busy and bustling world.

Visiting the Cordillera Blanca on foot will go down as one of the most enriching experiences of our lives, with its incredible views over the tops of the peaks, making us feel free like the wind.

We have different routes from half-day to several-day expeditions, always with experienced staff, allowing us to operate safely and with all the equipment that this type of adventure requires.